Membership Benefits

Members attend luncheon meetings the third Thursday of every month at the Montgomery Inn Boathouse, with free or valet parking, world-famous food, sweeping river views, and renowned Lawyers’ Club camaraderie.

Prominent judges, lawyers, court personnel, and law professors favor us with nuts-and-bolts practice tips and interesting updates on cutting-edge legal issues.

One or more hours of continuing legal education credit for Ohio and Kentucky is always awarded.

The $30 member luncheon price is about a third of what some organizations charge per credit hour, without the food. Everyone can participate in the second, after-lunch CLE programs for only $10.

Members can easily get all of their required credit hours—including ethics, professionalism, and substance abuse—simply by attending Club meetings.

The Lawyers Club membership participates in annual, local, gift-giving whereby at-risk children receive a much-appreciated winter coat from the Lawyers’ Club.

Members attend occasional social events, such as dinners, shows, wine tastings, spectator sports, picnics, and golf outings.

Members enjoy the incalculable benefit of socializing and networking with others in our congenial enclave.

Membership Categories

A “voting member” pays at least $30 annually ($20 dues plus a tax-deductible donation of at least $10 to our charitable project). A voting member gets: a) notice of all Club events; b) voting power for leadership; c) monthly exclusive post-lunch CLE programs; d) multiple free and deeply-discounted CLE programs; e) participation in annual charity project; f) seating priority when luncheons and other events reach capacity; g) eligibility to borrow our digital projector; and h) whatever other benefits and discounts we can dream up.

A “contributing member” pays at least $120 annually ($20 dues plus a tax-deductible donation of at least $100 to our annual, local, charity project). A contributing member gets all the perquisites of a voting member—and occasional free bonus CLE credits and free lunches—plus a commemoration of gratitude on an upcoming page of honor on our website, and a warm, fuzzy feeling, knowing he or she has made a real difference in achieving our Club’s goals.

Join or Renew

Pay by credit card or check with the form below.

Simply fill out the form, and send it with a check to

Lawyers’ Club
P.O. Box 552
Cincinnati, OH 45201-0552

You may also bring it to any Lawyers’ Club luncheon.