The Age-Old Lawyers’ Club Heart-Warming Charity Needs Your Help

As long as anyone alive can remember, the Lawyers’ Club of Cincinnati has held the young children of a West-End Cincinnati elementary school close to heart. For many years, that was Washburn School on Lynn Street. In recent years, that school was combined with other neighborhood schools to become Hays/Porter/Washburn Elementary School. In 2006, it moved into a new building at 1030 Cutter Street, Cincinnati, OH 45203. Then, the name was shortened to Hays-Porter Elementary School.

Every year, the Lawyers’ Club participates in a December holiday celebration at the school. The children perform a highly-varied seasonal music program in the auditorium. At least one special age-appropriate gift—chosen by teachers and paid for by the Lawyers’ Club—is given to each child. Santa and several elves (Lawyers’ Club members in disguise) and “civilian” Lawyers’ Club members make an appearance and pass out the gifts to the incredibly happy children. This makes Santa and the elves incredibly happy, too.

Click here to watch a 51-second video slide show of last December’s visit:

The celebration warms everyone’s hearts and puts all lawyers in a good light for the children who come to know us this way. Many of these children are very poor and value the Christmas gifts far beyond their cost.
You can easily join us to make it your own project, too. That’s true whether or not you’re a Lawyers’ Club member and whether or not you attend the program.

Please make a tax-deductible charitable contribution to become a part of this tremendous, feel-good project. Please send your check made out to:
Lawyers’ Club of Cincinnati (with Hays-Porter in the legend)
to P.O. Box 552, Cincinnati, OH 45201-0552.

More About Hays-Porter Elementary School

Hays-Porter Elementary School is a wonderful place with caring people providing the best possible environment for young people from challenged families to flourish. Everyone’s hard work is paying off with test scores improving.

The school serves a universal breakfast available to every student, and 99% of the children have a low enough family income to qualify for the free lunch that is served. On Fridays, the Freestore Foodbank delivers “Power Packs” of nutritious food for the poorest children to take home to help their families make it through the weekend.

There’s an after-school program open to all and frequented by 50 to 75 students daily called Family Forward. From 2:15 to 5:45 pm participants engage in activities like dancing and even get a free hot dinner called Kids Cafe.

On alternate weeks there’s a music teacher and an art teacher. There’s a football team in the fall, both girls’ and boys’ basketball teams in the winter, and a track team in the spring.
The Hays-Porter motto is “Hays School is a special place I come to every day. I will try to do my best. I will follow the rules today. I can be anything I want to be. I AM SPECIAL.”

Visit the school website at: