October 19, 2023

“Bike Law 101”   –  Presented by Steve Magas and Chris Carville

Description: Program is for bike enthusiasts who want to learn the laws that need to follow and for the attorneys who represent them in either civil or criminal courtrooms.  CLE will discuss the background and need for bike laws as well as changes to the law including the following topics: AFRAP – The Most Important Bike Law In Ohio; What Is A Bicycle?; The Three Foot Law; Impeding Traffic; The Double Yellow Line; Turn Signals; No Points For Cyclists, Except…; Night Time Riding Requirements; No Driving On The Sidewalks, Except…; The Home Rule; What Is A Roadway?; Cycling On The Berm; E-Bikes; Bicycle Crashes – Representing The Cyclist or the Vehicle; Primary Causes Of Car/Bike Crashes; Information To Obtain; Experts To Consider; Insurance Policies and Rules; Defective Bikes and Product Liability Claims.



November 16, 2023

“Appellate Toolkit” – Presented by Judge Candace Crouse

Description: Learn about the top trial mistakes from a judge’s viewpoint. The speaker will go into detail about how to avoid those mistakes including assignments of error, the importance of reviewing the local rules, appellate timelines and checklists, the best practices for briefing and motions and making effective oral and virtual arguments. 

“Municipal Toolkit” – Presented by Judge Donte Johnson 

Description: An overview of Municipal Court including arraignment, motions, and trials for criminal, traffic, and civil dockets.



 Friday, Dec. 15th Up to 7 Hrs. of CLE 

Where:  Ham. County Courthouse Jury Commissioner’s Room

 Take Your Pick 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM (7-Hrs)

 Professional Conduct at 8:30 AM and 3:15 PM at Courthouse

Plus 5-Hrs. General Credit-Continuous Video CLE with short breaks.

General Hourly Topics to be Announced. Total 7-Hrs

No Reservations Required!!! Come & Go!!!

No Annual Membership Required!!!

All-Day Registration begins at 8:10 AM in Jury Room 4th Fl. 

Free Bagels & Donuts in the Morning + Free Pizza @ Lunch All Proceeds to Charity!!!



December 21, 2023

“2023 Ethics Update” – Professional Responsibility Credit – Presented by Justice Patrick Fischer

Description: Learn about recent ethics cases, rules and orders from the Ohio Supreme Court this year. 

“The Elder Justice Unit” – Presented by Hamilton County Prosecutor, Melissa Powers

Description: In 2014, the Ohio Attorney General launched an Elder Justice Unit to increase the investigation and prosecution of elder abuse cases and to improve positive outcomes for older Ohioans. The Unit is a collaborative effort among the Crime Victim Services, Consumer Protection, Health Care Fraud, and Special Prosecutions sections, and the Bureau of Criminal Investigation. The team helps local communities with investigations, forensic analysis, case presentation and prosecution, outreach, trainings and technical assistance. In 2023, the Prosecutor’s Office launched the Elder Justice Unit in Hamilton County.  This course will explain the overall, state-wide program and how it will be implemented locally and how to report incidents and resources and guidance to help clients with physical, financial and emotional support.